Active Shooter Training

All U.S. Government installations provide on-going Active Shooter training for their staff.   However, the majority of private and public health hospitals/clinics have no such training program in place.   At best it is a few pages of written material for new hires that last all of a few minutes.   Hospitals and clinics are vulnerable to shooters because they are open access, have no metal detectors, their security guards are not armed, and they contain a vast supply of narcotics.=

Shooters have targeted schools, churches, mosques, and other public areas.  While hospitals largely have been spared mayhem, it is only a matter of time until someone targets one with with devastating consequences.  BayPharm has developed a unique and effective training program for hospital staff and other healthcare workers.  Our program, presented by us, will teach your employees how to stay calm in the face of death, how to protect life, and what to do when a shooter is close by.  We bring our training program to your facility.   Your staff will leave with a new appreciation for the sanctity of human life, how to protect themselves without panicking, and most of all exactly what to do when they come face to face with a shooter.   Our program is comprehensive and covers all possible scenarios.   

Don't wait until the worst happens.   Contact us today for information on bringing our program to your facility.   Our email is