Excellence in Medical, Dental, and Eyecare

Professional Services

Healthcare Informatics

BayPharm offers real world solutions to controlling healthcare costs and risks associated with delivering medical and dental patient services.  Our clinicians and scientists streamline and strengthen the links between business management, clinical administration, and office practice - yielding greater profitability and the elimination of patient errors.  
Certified Health Data Science specialists provide the quantitative analysis you need to stay profitable.  Our board-certified and licensed clinicians ensure compliance and best patient experience. 

Medication Therapy Management 

Clinical specialists will review medications by all prescribers to ensure best practices are being followed; including identifying duplicate therapies, unnecessary meds, patient education, and adherence to physician/dentist orders - all with the goal of achieving optimal results.


Clinicians, physicians, and dentists are available 24/7 365.  Instantly connect with your phone, tablet, or computer anywhere you have an internet connection.  Our subscription based models assures you of immediate response to your questions. Through our Tele-Pharmacy services, medications are delivered to your door no matter where you are - even if you're traveling.  Our Tele-Medicine platform securely connects you to a board certified physician, nurse, dentist, or other licensed clinician as needed.  And we accept all insurance.